4th Generation Idahoan

Brandon Shippy

Representing the conservative Christian values that protect inherent individual and parental rights.


Making Idaho the Best Place to Raise a Family


Freedom to Work

Human beings are made to work and have an intrinsic right to do so…


Medical Freedom

All citizens have a right to decide for themselves how to prevent or treat medical issues…


Local Business

As a small business owner, Brandon understands the challenges and blessings to running a small business in Idaho.


Local Agriculture

Growing up in rural Idaho and working with his grandfather on his farm, Brandon Shippy understands just how important agriculture is to Idaho.


CRT and Marxism in Schools


The Sexualizing of children


Genital mutilation of children.


Children having access to pornography in libraries


Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement officers are an essential part of our communities. It is because of their commitment and sacrifice that we have peace, order, and prosperity...

As your State Senator, Brandon will uphold¬† the rights of Idaho’s free citizens.

Protecting Life

Human beings are created in the image of God and therefore possess intrinsic value…

Protecting Education

The right, the privilege, and the responsibility to educate children belongs exclusively to their parents…

Freedom to Bear Arms

Free Citizens have the right to keep and bear arms of any type necessary to defend themselves…
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Former Idaho Senator for District 9
Monte Pearce endorses Brandon Shippy


Local farmer Geo McClelland endorses Brandon Shippy. 


The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation endorses Brandon Shippy


Payette County GOP chair Howard Rynearson endorses Brandon Shippy


Eric and Jessica Paulson of Agape Coffeehouse endorse Brandon Shippy.

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